A very small Risograph printing studio and publishing house in Chicago, IL.

Perfectly Acceptable is run by Matt Davis. Printing is done with a Risograph RZ 990.


The Risograph is a duplicator manufactured by Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan. It works like a mimeograph, using a stencil wrapped around a drum coated in ink. The drum rolls over paper fed through the machine, creating an impression.

Risograph printing is extremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective. The Risograph was designed for medium volume printing (50 to 5000 copies), and proves one of the most economical choices against duplicators at such quantities. One only needs to take a peek at what's being done with Risographs now-a-days to understand the possibilities.

Ink colors:

Black (BLACK U / #000000)
Fluorescent Pink (806 U / #ff48b0)
Red (WARM RED U / #ff665e)
Orange (Orange 021 U / #ff6c2f)
Yellow (YELLOW U / #ffe800)
Kelly Green (368 U / #67b346)
Light Teal (320 U / #009da5)
Cornflower (292 U / #62a8e5)
Blue (3005 U / #0078bf)
Federal Blue (288 U / #235ba8)
Orchid (2592 U / #aa60bf)
Burgundy (235 U / #914e72)

Risograph ink is translucent, so its final appearance depends on the color of the paper it is printed on. Colors can be stacked to create new ones. The Pantone and HEX values are approximations.

You can download a Photoshop swatch of our colors here.

Studio visits are fun! Please get in touch.

Printing specifications:

  • Paper:
    14# bond to 80# cover
    4x6" to 12x17"

    The best type of paper for Risograph printing is uncoated, fibrous, and with a slight tooth. We're happy to try any kind of paper for you, but we're fond of the follow stocks:

    • Mohawk - Via Vellum
       70#T ~ 80#T ~ 100#T ~ 65#C ~ 80#C ~ 100#C
    • French - Pop-Tone, Speckletone, & Kraft-Tone
       70#T ~ 65#C, 80#C, 100#C depending on line
    • Exact - Vellum Bristol
       67#C ~ 80#C
    • Domtar - Earthchoice Vellum Bristol
       67#C ~ 80#C

  • Image:
    No larger than 10.7x16.5" per color.

    Take into consideration the Risograph when designing your image! Misregistration will occur, but can be minimized with trapping. Large flat areas of color will not come out an even tone. Avoid heavy ink coverage on the down the center inch of the image to minimize roller marks.
  • File:
    PNG, TIFF, PSD, or PDF, labeled by color/page #
    300dpi or higher

    We're happy to take images at any stage of pre-press. Don't hestitate to ask if you have any questions.

Please note: Given the cantankerous nature of the Risograph, Risograph printing is inevitably a collaboration between artist, printer, and the machine itself. There is no such thing as "perfectly perfect" print. The imperfect nature is part of makes Risograph printing unique among other forms of duplication. There's something sort of Zen about it.