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Prayer to Saint Therese

by Alabaster Pizzo
"I wrote Prayer to Saint Therese in the fall and winter of the Pandemic, when I was thinking a lot about the uncertain future, as well as my shortcomings as a romantic partner and friend. It takes place 20 years in the future, but feels autobiographical anyway. My family is Catholic and St. Therese was important to my grandmother. I sometimes worry about what I'm left with if I've chosen to reject a belief system like religion, or the framework of traditional adult life. This comic is a response to that anxiety." -Alabaster Pizzo
EU/UK customers: this title is available in the EU from All the Problems in this World. We suggest ordering from them to save on shipping.
7 x 7" book
58 pages, perfect bound
Midnight, Coral, Light Lime, Light Teal, Blue, Federal Blue, Orchid, Orange, Sunflower, Fluorescent Red ink
Domtar Cougar Smooth 80#t Natural
French Kraft-Tone 100#c Index Off-White Kraft
May 2021, first edition of 600
March 2022, second edition of 600
PARP 039

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