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The Professor's Day Off

by Alex Graham
Professor Hayschack, once doting in the classroom, is now taciturn and slovenly. Lloyd, visiting the professor on a day off, feels spurned, inadvertently setting himself up for ego-bending lesson far beyond the safety of the academy - or really, beyond the confines of the physical world. Cosmic, man.
EU/UK customers: this title is available in the EU from All the Problems in this World. We suggest ordering from them to save on shipping.
6.25 x 9" book
24 pages, wire bound
Coral and Federal Blue ink interiors; Light Teal, Crimson, Yellow, and Black exterior inks
2-color screenprinted cover protectors
Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum 100#t Milkweed
Domtar Cougar Smooth 80#c Natural
November 2023
Edition of 600
PARP 045

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