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Today's Special

by Christina Svenson & Melek Zertal
Today's Special is a love story told through food. More about heartbreak than love and more about bloating than food, the first-time collaboration between Melek Zertal and Christina Svenson asserts the magic of small mistakes. Through broken glass tossed in the garbage can, the glimmer of a chocolate wrapper peeps through to remind us: today is special.
EU/UK customers: this title is available in the EU from All the Problems in this World. We suggest ordering from them to save on shipping.
5.125 x 7" book
72 pages, perfect bound
Blue, Crimson, Fluorsencent Yellow, Black ink
Leader Basis 70#T Cream
French Speckletone 100#c Madero Beach
September 2022
Edition of 600
PARP 043

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