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The Complete Spring 2020 Residents

Books by: Lis Xu, Gosha Elaev, Cory Feder

This package collected the three mini-comics produced by the residents of first installment of Pumpkin's Remote Residency, which ran between April and June 2020. Each artist worked independently to produce their own book. Scroll down to read the about the artists and their thinking in producing their projects.

Every book is printed in 4-color Risograph measuring 5x7". This complete set comes packaged with a commemorative belly band. Both this set and the individual books are priced on a sliding scale.

Net revenue is split 50% between the Chi-Nations Youth Council and a fund to run Pumpkin's Residency again in the winter.

To read more about the zines or to order them individually:
Cory Feder, Gosha Elaev, and Lis Xu.

I Am Famous on CCTV
 by Cory Feder

"This is a story about the dokkaebi, the legendary goblins of Korean folklore and their secret society in modern Seoul. These are the beings that were famed for their birth from blood stained household objects, adoration for loud noise and cruel tricks on humans. Protectors, they are, up to no good. In plain sight they still live, on the land by the yellow sea that has lost all memory of itself."

Cory Feder is a person who tells stories to draw the lines between the past, the future and the various corners of humanity. She grew up on occupied land of Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute nations ("Denver") and now resides on land of Apache, Pueblos and Ute nations.

36pp 5x7" 4-color Risograph booklet in Sunflower, Red, Blue, and Black ink on Domatar Cougar Vellum 70#T Natural.

I Feel It Starts Again
 by Gosha Elaev

"I Feel It Starts Again is a story about flower dreams, written and drawn during the isolation in Saint Petersburg. I watched days and months go by and fantasized about being a flower, enjoying sun, wind and rain. It was some sort of meditation during the process of adjusting to new reality and accepting my new life - and the most transcendent experience I ever had while making comics."

I'm a self-taught cartoonist from Siberia, educator, small press publisher and a founder of local indie comics festival. I was born in 1988 in a small village. My mom is a professional basketball player and coach. When I was 12 I almost got kicked out from school for distributing my comics about our teachers being dumb. I love flowers so much!

36pp 5x7" 4-color Risograph booklet in Mint, Coral, Sunflower, and Federal Blue ink on French Construction 70#T Insulation Pink & Neenah Astrobrights 60#T Stardust White.

 by Lis Xu

"I'm Lis, an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. The siblings in this story show up in my other comic and illustration work, and I like using them to explore stuff like relationships and growth. The format is inspired by John Martz's Gold Star, and I like how it lets me combine my detailed pencil crayon illustrations with looser cartooning. For me this is a rare project that wasn't rushed just in time for a comics show haha! I'm super grateful for this opportunity to share my work with more people :)"

36pp 5x7" 4-color Risograph booklet in Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow, and Black ink on Domtar Earthchoice 70#T Cream & Domtar Cougar Smooth 70#T White.

Read more about the residency here.

Illustrations by Natalie Andrewson.